School started and all that jazz but I’ve still been drawing stuff. I guess the main highlight are a bunch of things done for 3 separate games.

First up is this mecha skeleton which will be the base for quite a ton of robot designs to come for a certain game I’m working on with Fomar.



Second there’s this finalized sketch/lines of the last character which needed a design for yet another undisclosed game I’ve been brewing with Horace-  I mean Scinaya:



Yes that is a spatula sword. She is also part of the same series of characters as the two knights from the previous entry.

this is the current battle system for that project (albiet rather outdated by now):


Almost last, and certainly not least, there’s yet more art done for, this time for a change, a game I can actually refer to by name,  Sayako .




A distant look at Ancora Hills Sanatorium, the actual setting of the game. The abandoned Sanatorium where the events of Sayako unfold.

Operational for 40 years, the Ancora Hills sanatorium served a vast number of patients while it remained operational, however, the reputation of said institution saw itself tarnished during the later run of its life, with varied reports of patient mistreatment and covered up negligence. The highly controversial case of Sayako Noguchi would become the last, yet greatest black stain on the records, right before the scheduled closure and decommission of the facility.

Today,sorrounded by nature, the intimidating structure still stands and remains largely abandoned, becoming an object of urban legends and vandalism.


This background shot was essentially yet another collab between me and Horac- Scin. She handled the colors yet again~




Other than these recent developments I’ve been hooked on TF2 and cytus.


Commercial Break.

August 16, 2013

If two years ago someone would’ve told me I’d be drawing stuff like this consistently:


I would’ve probably laughed in their face.

Drawing for me, was always a pipe dream.
I was never the drawn arts type of person.
While growing up I was one of those who often thought drawing was something some people were magically capable of doing just by grabbing a pencil.
You were either “born with the gift” or you were not.
I don’t really question how I came to accept such mentality as a fact, but I’m certain it has to do with the fact that I was surrounded by people who did “have the talent” and produced amazing pieces in comparison to whatever I did while growing up.
Whatever it was, at some point during that childhood I decided to abandon that idea of drawing.
“It wasn’t meant for me I guess”
Or something along those lines.

Ironically, being someone who loves all forms of art, a couple of years later, I eventually faced the need of art once again, when I discovered I had a strong thing for game design, the only culprit for this being stumbling upon of a very dear piece of Software for me, the RPG Maker series.

Soon enough I found myself immersed in writing and learning all the quirks of this engine, but it wasn’t long before I got tired of stock resources and came to the inevitable truth…

You can’t have a game without art.

It would be a lie if I said I didn’t attempt to retake drawing at this point, but the world of RPG development, no, game development, is so vast, that is often easy to give up in one trade and jump into another when frustration starts kicking in.

This is the reason why many one-man army games never see the light of day of course, and I fell into this hole for a while too. Thanks to this, I messed with attempting to draw for…less than a month? lol before deciding that I should just find someone with the ability to do so and get him/her to do art for my game, while I offered my other set of skills in return.

Needless to say, that person never came. (No surprise there lolol)

Anyways, we’re now talking about 2007.
While jumping between trades was a fun experience for a while, not getting much progress in the game I was attempting to do was also starting to get on my nerves.
Couple a hobby which starts to become a chore, with the busy demands of school, life and expectations from society;
you have a one way express to hobby-ditch land. I abandoned everything related to game development and arts during this period.

Now lets fast forward to 2012. Over god-knows what reason (Probably a random mix of boredom and nostalgia during that day), I decided to see how the RPG maker series had evolved. Last time I had checked, the “Rpgmaker XP” version was all the rage(meaning my last brush with the community was indeed ancient). funny enough, I learnt that a new version was about to hit the digital distribution land. It was called Rpgmaker Vx Ace, and had features which made it promise to be the next best thing since Rpgmaker2k3.

I knew that in 5 years, I had forgotten everything related to the engine. I had also neglected writing ever since, and my composing was never really the main interest for me when it came to game development. If anything, my only improvement over the last 5 years would have been my coding skills, as I was pretty much forced to sharpen them for college.
To make it short, I knew that if I were to attempt making an rpg again, it would be a rough start, and of course, I would one day run into the same problem I faced back then….

The need for game art.

By this point I am sure many people are bound to meet someone who is good at drawing during their internet social interactions. Such never turned out to be the case for me…until this era of my life that was.
After a rough landing in the new Rpgmaker community, I somehow, actually came to become friends with a couple of great artists. I ended up ditching the main community and hanging out with these friends, who had really similar ideas to what I clicked with, meeting them was definitely a turning point in my return to art of game development.
It was a rather ironic turn of events, for someone like me who had not met, let alone befriend, a single artist through the internet up to that point.

Yes, perhaps I didn’t need to worry about art now!

But nope.
I never asked nor wanted them to do art for my ideas.

Not only where they busy with their own projects, when it came down to it, I discovered that I simply wasn’t the beggar type when it came to obtaining resources tailored for my demands. I hanged out with them because they were people I enjoyed being with, not because they were people I was expecting to flood with requests at sneaky times.

The answer then was clear.

I needed to, for a change, actually attempt and stick with art.
And it needed to happen soon.

Initially, my objective was very simple. (Well actually, it is still my objective.)
I didn’t grab a pencil to become a master artist or awesome to their level.
See stuff like this?

It is amazing, and I love it, but it was not what I was going for this time. No, my resolve was…

“I just want to be capable of doing functional art”.

And what is functional art you may be wondering?
Basically just stuff which doesn’t look too terrible or relays the idea of a character design or location I need.
And with low expectations, but a clear objective in mind, I set off to actually start drawing seriously for the first time in my life.

We’re now talking about…somewhere around May 2012.
what came out of such noble task I had decided to tackle you wonder?~

Obviously terrible things lolol.
Guy lacking any basic notion of art, starting off with stylized proportions, and in need of anime illustrations for his games. I certainly had the full recipe for terribad.

One thing was different from before though.
This time around I had a solid objective in mind. I really wanted to actually get somewhere with my “functional art”, I really needed to, so despite of a really frustrating start, I kept at it, day after day after day after day after day after day after day.

And this is also where the awesomeness of my friends started to show too.
When they saw I was actually gonna do this seriously, they started to give me some really in-depth critique with my initial terrible rag dolls which were meant to be people. anatomy, perspective, foreshortening, drawing in layers, acquiring a tablet,color theory, mixing colors, coloring to attain the look of distinctive textures such as metal properly,etc. Gradually, what had started as me not being concerned in the least to fully grasp the basics, became a true learning experience with the aid of my friends.

And I guess this is the part where we arrive to…this day.
Pretty much a year and a half since I went from stickmen of abnormal proportions to actually feeling closer to the functional art I set out to do.

Not much has changed when it comes to me and my objective.
I still don’t strive to become an incredibly good artist, like the ones I admire, or like many others around here.
But the one thing that has indeed changed is the level of frustration when I grab a pen.

I don’t know where the future will take me from here when it comes to art, but at least I can say, I set myself to do something last year, and I am really close to the end goal of that.

This long blog entry isn’t meant to give any lesson or talk about working hard even when it seems you are going nowhere.
This is actually a thank you to the friends who have really helped me along the way. A huge thank you to Moon, evileagles , Archeia, and Scinaya for helping me realize that like many other things in life, art is the product of really hard work, and meeting amazing people along the way is the best part of the process, thanks for all the tips and sharing a lot of what you guys know, it really made a huge difference,and also a huge shoutout to Fomar, Caz, Indrah, Cele, Ocean,rhyme,puddle,yami and Ralph for all the times when quick feedback was given and for simply put, being awesome people to hang out with. To many more years of making games and drawing together gais~

Lame blog entry name, I know.


I’ve still been working most of my free time on the pre-alpha battle system I showcased a few days ago,
but today I felt like changing the routine a bit and drew some stuff for mere fun.
Kuroneko turned out to be that fun.

Finally putting some of the art made to use!
A pre-alpha display of a battle system I’m putting together with Nessy and Yami’s Luna engine and some custom side scripting.

If you’re curious about the implemented and intended game mechanics, they’re listed on the youtube video description~

Day #Whatever ~I haven't been slacking off!~

I really haven’t.
I just figured a daily updated might be a bit too spammy after all.

Regardless, this is what I made today!
Yet more of me practicing colors and stuff…
And of course, my ever favorite chibi battlers, meant to be used in my RPGmaker games.

This character was designed as a bitter elf, the last of her kind. She despises human, and controls absurdly powerful magic.

Of course I’m just butchering a rather ellaborate background story but hey, for the sake of keeping these updates brief, She’s a powerful elf witch!

I love this game but…

July 17, 2013

I love this game but...

This still makes me chuckle.

I don’t usually see that much engrish crammed together.

Still ❤ UiNB visuals and overall feel though!
I just hope they do something about the ridic loops/5 minute combos soon.

Front Point Base

Except for all the doodles made. This time I actually did want to practice coloring a bit more indepth than just applying gradients. Light is still a tricky thing for me. I’ve been drawing a lot of chibis lately for two reasons.
A)I’m working on a game which revolves around this style for art.
B)I find the simplicity of chibis as a great element to practice perspective and character design~ I can just lay the rough idea of whatever it is I have in mind. ´w´

A practice on perspective and colors indeed.


July 14, 2013


Not really part of my daily self-imposed challenge to “Draw something every day” series, but today my friend Scinaya ( ) got some time to color a sucubus I had drawn a while ago, and the result was great for my eyes ´w´

If you scroll a bit down you’ll recognize this Succubus is the same as the one I started off my drawing “spree” a few days ago. I actually made this chibi first lol.

I kinda wanted to take a different direction with this design, I played around with outfits, ranging from the typical revealing to downright over the top revealing stuff we tend to see associated with succubi, until I arrived to, what I consider a slightly classier…pseudo-gothic approach. Her wings are not limbs attached to her back , but rather, materialize through magic when she actually needs them.

Day #3 ~Today I watched Pacific Rim.~

And after the film I was so hyped with the Kaijus that I had to sketch one myself.

Amazing film. Go watch it now if you haven’t.

Since we’re on the subject of mecha, I guess I should share a design I did a few weeks ago, colors are courtesy of my good friend Scinaya, her style for shading metal really brough the design to life I think ;w;


Obviously not a Jaeger, but still related I guess ;w;

Also holy shit, accidentally hovered over my gravatar profile, that is one old cheesy profile lol. Anyways.

For those who have watched the film already, which was your favorite Jaeger? I would’ve loved to see Tacit Ronin ( ) during the film.

Day #2 ~Chibis, SAO and gradients~

Second day.
I made it /o/

Anyways. I decided to practice some more chibis today, and I happened to watch SAO earlier for the 2313213231x time, making me arrive to the conclusion that I could watch the first ep a billion times and still find it fun.

Of course, somehow that made me feel like drawing Kirito in some cool pose attempt.
I butchered his hair in the process. Just like yesterday, colors are just flats with some 5 minute gradient job thrown in, I really doubt I’ll lay real shade effort on sketches for now D:

Fun Fact:
This image was originally angled at 45 degrees, but it looked cooler at 90.